Tim's Easiest-in-the-World, Infinitely-Adaptable, Toe-Up Sock Pattern

As far as I'm concerned, hand-knit socks are the ultimate knitted clothing. They're small enough that it's possible to buy pricier yarn without breaking the bank, they're unbelievably comfortable, you can take them anywhere with you, and they're fun to knit!

Unfortunately, there are some quirks to traditional sock-knitting patterns that can be confusing. (I think everyone has a minor panic attack the first time they try a “gusset!”)

Here's your solution! This pattern is unbelievably easy. It fits every size foot and can use any size yarn. It's also a toe-up pattern which is important when making socks for big-feet (you simply knit until you've used up 45%-48% of your yarn (by weight).

It's not a fancy pattern, and that's intentional. This is a pattern that anyone can knit. Experienced knitters may want to make some adaptations or play around with various stitches and designs, but even without changing a thing, this pattern will turn out a comfortable and beautiful pair of socks!

Tim's Easiest-in-the-World, Infinitely Adaptable, Toe-Up Sock pattern is currently only available digitally (No Shipping Costs!) However, if you want to buy a hard copy and have it sent to you, please e-mail me (tim@knotsandmore.com) and we will make arrangements. (Hard copies are printed on sturdy card-stock but cost more and I have to charge for shipping.

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(Please note: This pattern is copyrighted. You may legitimately make copies for yourself, but NOT for friends, relatives, etc.
Distribution of copies, for any purpose, is a breach of federal and international laws.
Sure, I don't have the resources to sue you, but come on, do you really want to be one of those people?!)